· Flour Water Salt Yeast

is all you need to make artisan bread.


When there are only four ingredients in a recipe, it turns out that they make a great title for a cookbook. Ken Forkish decided to put them in descending order by the weight of the ingredients used for the artisan breads for his. Flour, Water, Salt, Yeast (FWSY) was my choice for a first book on the subject. Why did I pick this one?

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· Butterflies

are what I feel in my gut when I bake bread.


I read somewhere that the average blog reader spends only 96 seconds on a post and readers in general only comprehend about 60% of what hits their retinas. Blog writing is something new to me, and therefore, I will keep the intro short and sweet! Despite a fond love of baking from a young age, creating anything that required a leavening agent other than baking powder or baking soda never really crossed my mind – until four months ago. I’d always loved eating bread, and since I was at a point in my life where I had time to explore this new realm, I thought to myself, “why not?” I began with pan breads and then moved on to hand-shaped loaves leavened with commercial yeast. Now the rapture I experience when creating a fermented loaf using a wild yeast culture has me dreaming of crust and crumb.


As a greenhorn bread baker, I’ve come to fully appreciate the notion of stepping out of my comfort zone, which is continually evolving and brings about reflections regarding why I bake and how it is a form of creative expression. I will post more about this later. There are many fantastic blogs out there through which passionate bakers share their experiences and relationships with bread. After debating about whether or not to start one of my own, I’ve decided that whatever it is that breaths life into these butterflies is worth documenting – pausing at moments to enjoy a journey that has no specific destination ·